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LuckyLOOK is the first Ukrainian brand of sunglasses and headwear which specializes in their matching.

Each season we please our customers with unique collections and wide range. The company's purpose is to make its customers stylish and beautiful. That’s why there are qualified stylists in our stores who help to choose the accessories and complete any image. And it’s all for free! We see the customer as our friend. We help to choose sunglasses and headwear with all the soul and through the heart, giving good mood to every client.

An individual approach is one of our company’s values which distinguishes it from the competition. In order to be irreplaceable, you must change all the time.

We are fast-growing company that is following the main fashion trends and helping its customers to create unique images. Our clients always could get an expert advice and assistance of matching of such special accessories like sunglasses and headwear.

Therefore, the majority become our regular customers and come back to their personal stylists again. LuckyLOOK is the network of happy purchase. Our clients acquire good image and get a lot of positive emotions.

Tatiana Tucha: «We are proud of experience and energy of our team, and we hope sincerely that mission and purpose of LuckyLOOK will work for the benefit further».

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